Friday, April 18, 2008

Tejada Lied About His Age

It wasn't a fear of turning the big 3-0 that made Tejada lie about his age; this happened much earlier. On Thursday, he admitted that he's actually 2 years older than we've thought all this time, making him 33 years old.

The deception came back when he was just a poor kid in the Dominican Republic trying to catch the eye of pro scouts. He told them he was 17, instead of 19, thinking that was the only way to get himself signed. These kids lying about their age is a common thing, but it is a little strange that Tejada's lie is just being found out now. It's not uncommon for these discrepancies in age to come out after just a few years in pro ball, and Tejada's career has been under intense scrutiny as of late with the George Mitchell report, and the current investigation by the Department of Justice.

Why do I feel the need to bring this up? I don't miss seeing him in Baltimore and with his hot start (.328/.375/.586 with 3 HR & 11 RBI) I like hearing off the field things like this to validate my feelings.

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