Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bedard Trade Talks Intensify

Intensify!?! That’s a buzz word right there, and it could mean what ever you want it to mean. In this case, it most likely means that the conversations between organizations are getting more serious because they are running out of time. Andy MacPhail has said that he doesn’t foresee any big trades happening after the end of January (so we only have a few weeks before we find out if I have to eat my words from my 1st post, “Where are all the headlines?”). At that time he will focus on filling team needs on a more short term basis through free agent signings and maybe smaller trades. He doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to fill a need (CF & SS) because he was shooting for long term and couldn’t pull it off. Something is better than nothing.

Some positive news regarding Bedard trade talks is that, although they may not be as “intense” as some reports say, Baltimore and Seattle may be getting closer to reaching an agreement. Other clubs are being rumored to still be in the arms race for Bedard, but it seems like Seattle is the only real player left. Seattle GM Bill Bavasi has expressed that he’s not satisfied with what they have in their rotation and he hopes it’s not too late to get Bedard. Any possible deal will feature 22 year old centerfielder Adam Jones. What was thought to be a previous deal breaker was 23 year old pitcher Brandon Morrow’s availability, or the lack thereof. Seattle did not want to include him in any deal, but rumor has it that he’s not as off limits as he used to be. 17 year old shortstop Carlos Triunfel, 19 year old pitching prospect Chris Tillman, 20 year old pitching prospect Anthony Butler and big league reliever George Sherrill’s names have also been mentioned. If MacPhail can get away with Adam Jones, Brandon Morrow, Carlos Triunfel and Chris Tillman for Bedard, I will sing his praises. I’m not as sold on Jones being a sure-thing-star-player as many other people, but that’s still a truly impressive package of players. It’s probably not going to happen, but a guy can dream.

Without Adam Jones in their lineup, maybe Seattle would be more interested in Orioles outfielder Jay Payton, too. We could add him to the trade to sweeten the deal. He could serve as their 4th outfielder, defensive substitute or maybe a platoon player. I’d rather get rid of him anyway, and it would free up another spot on the 40 man roster. I’m sure Tike Redman and Chris Roberson would be available also, in the same scenario.

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