Thursday, January 17, 2008

It keeps getting better

We all know the saying, patience is a virtue. I don't remember the exact words that MacPhail used when first talking about his plan for the O's, but he talked about the need for patience. Well, so far, he has practiced what he's preached. There have been rumors of more big moves by the Orioles but none of them have come to fruition. The one deal he has made, trading shortstop Miguel Tejada, is looking better and better by the day.

Houston Astros owner, Drayton McLane, says he has no regrets about acquiring Tejada, but I have a hard time believing him. The trade had its negatives from the beginning, with Tejada being named in the Mitchell Report, which was released the day after the trade was announced. Now it only gets worse for McLane and the Astros.

How bad it gets depends on what the Department of Justice decides to do. They have been asked to investigate whether or not Tejada lied to federal investigators in 2005. The lie in contention is when he told investigators that he had never taken steriods and didn't know anyone who had. The Mitchell Report says that he has taken steroids. The question is whether or not he knew he was taking them, since they won't punish the lie if he honestly thought it was the truth.

If they find him guilty he may not be playing much baseball this year. Martha Stewart spent 5 months in jail for lying to federal investigators about her knowledge of insider trading. Those 5 months were the minimum she could have gotten. Five months is almost as long as the MLB season, so there goes one season. Or, even worse, Tejada could find himself out of the league altogether. He is a legal U.S. resident with a green card, but that can be revoked just by admitting he committed a crime for which he is being investigated.

It's too early to tell exactly what will happen. The Department of Justice may not go through with the investigation, they may not have sufficient evidence to find him guilty, or he could find himself in prison or back home in the Dominican Republic this summer. All I know, is that I'm glad he's not the Orioles headache anymore.


jason said...

I think I'll become a Tigers fan...doesn't seem like anything is every going to happen in Baltimore.

wifey said...

Jay! come on...don't give up on Baltimore's still in your heart, i know it! :)